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Turkey, potatoes and nuts! Which Thanksgiving foods are lower in calories?

Thanksgiving's favorite foods — all of them will make you say, yum! How can you eat what you love without overloading on calories?

You can automatically trim some calories by reducing the serving size or "lightening" up a recipe if you choose. Some calorie mindfulness can make the difference between a wonderful feeling of after-meal contentment and an over-full sense of discomfort.

1. 1/2 cup dry roasted mixed nuts OR cheese and crackers (1.5 oz cheese and 4 whole wheat crackers)

Answer: cheese and crackers (320 cals) vs. nuts (410 cals)

2. 5 ounces of wine (red or white) OR a 12-ounce bottle of beer

Answer: 12 ounces of beer (150 cals) vs. wine (120 cals)

3. White dinner roll OR corn bread (tennis ball size)

Answer: dinner roll (135 cals) vs. corn bread (190 cals)

4. Mashed white potatoes OR mashed butternut squash (1 cup made with margarine and whole milk)

Answer: butternut squash (170 cals) vs. potatoes (240 cals)

5. White meat turkey OR lean pork tenderloin (5 oz serving)

Answer: turkey (195 cals) vs. pork tenderloin (250 cals)

6. Bread stuffing with vegetables OR macaroni and cheese (1 cup)

Answer: mac and cheese (280 cals) vs. stuffing (320 cals)

7. Cranberry sauce OR apple chutney (1/2 cup)

Answer: cranberry sauce (110 cals) vs. chutney (160 cals)

8. Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows OR green bean casserole (1 cup)

Answer: sweet potatoes (350 cals) vs. green beans (150 cals)

9. Pumpkin pie OR apple pie (1/6 of a pie)

Answer: pumpkin pie (300 cals) vs. apple pie (450 cals)

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