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About our Equipment

We are proud to be a "Showcase Gym" for Cybex, the world leader in fitness equipment. We offer a full line of free weights - including dumbbells, and many plate-loaded machines. Our state-of-the art Cybex Selectorized Machines are their newest and most advanced offering ever. Below are some of our more popular pieces of Cybex equipment at our fitness center and their unique features to make your workout not only smarter, but more enjoyable as well. 

Fitness machines

1  Treadmills

Designed for those who are serious about running, jogging and walking, these state-of-the-art treadmills offer better stability, greater comfort with smooth and easy operation. Entertainment options to help you enjoy your workout include Digital HD TV and iphone/ipod integration.

Arc Trainers

2  Arc Trainers

These machines are proven to be gentler on your joints and burn 16% more calories than old elliptical machines, while also reducing stress on the knees and providing more engagment of the glutes and hamstrings. Your choices include the Lower Body Arc Trainer or for a complete workout - the Total Body Arc Trainer.

Selectorized Machines

3  Selectorized Machines

Our strength machines come from the brand new  "state of the art" Cybex Eagle NX line. Offerings include workouts for abdominals, back, arms, shoulders, legs and chest; all with the Cybex hallmark of smooth performance. The Iso-Lateral movements along with the patented Dual Axis Technology® conform to your body to give you many safe workout options.

Stationary Bicycles

4  Stationary Bicycles

Both recumbant and upright bikes enhance your fitness experience.  The 15.6" HD Television monitors allow you to enjoy the ride with your favorite television program or your favorite music, while keeping track of your effort.

Power Cage

5  Power Cage

With a Bench Press, Squat Rack and Chin-Up Bar all built into the Power Cage, it's no wonder the Cybex plate loaded line is the most space-efficient user-friendly plate-loaded line in the industry and accommodates users of almost any size and ability.

Smith Machine

6 Smith Machine

An open, walk-though design for easy roll through access for benches or squats. Fifteen-pound take-off weight allows users of all levels the ability to safely exercise and feel confident with the built in bar stops.

Jungle Gym


Jungle Gym

It's a funny name for such a serious strength machine. You choose the station you need from a wide variety of optional configurations, including - Dual Handle Low Row, Dip/Chin Assist, Dual Handle Lat Pull and of course the cable cross-over station with many accessories. 

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