Fitness  Classes          

Our classes take place in a large fitness room within our facility. The main wall is mirrored so you'll always be able to check your technique and proper form.  

We also feature equipment for use when classes aren't in session like fitness mats for stretching, stability balls, medicine balls, foam rollers, cardio steps, strength bands, BOSU Balance Trainer, kettlebells, dumbbells and more. Members are always welcome to use the fitness room for stretching or core work when classes aren't in session.

We update our class schedule every month. If classes you're interested in aren't offered, we may be able to add them in the future........  Just let us know!

NOTE: We offer One-time drop-in rates, Weekly rates and Monthly Rates if you just want to try our classes without purchasing a membership. 

     Current Classes Offered


                                   Yoga    -     Zumba®              

                        F.I.T.   -   Body Sculpt and Tone

                         Silver  &  Senior  Chair  Classes


Classes are temporarily on hold until the Covid-19 capacity restrictions are lifted by the Governor of the state of SC

Meet Our Instructors:





Irene Gross
F. I.T.

Being part of the fitness world for over 20 years, I found the passion I was called for…ZUMBA!!!

I walked into my first ZUMBA class over five years ago and instantly fell in love with it…the music, the dancing and the energy! I knew then that it would become a part of my life. My instructor was so inspirational, becoming my mentor and encouraging me to become an instructor as well.

Now I want to “pay it forward” by helping others achieve their personal fitness goals while having fun. Yes, an hour of fun! Come join me and you’ll see for yourself what ZUMBA is all about!


        Maria Agbaba

    Body Sculpt & Tone

 Gentle + Vinyasa Yoga

Fitness was always my passion! I was a gymnast for over ten years. While in college, I was working as a cheerleader for a Russian women's basketball team. Then in 2015, I became a personal fitness trainer. My secret to a healthy, strong, and fit body is implementing a variety of training methods into the workout regimen. I teach strength and high-intensity interval training because I believe that these are the best tools to build and maintain lean muscle mass which is crucial for optimal body composition and overall wellbeing. As a Yoga instructor, I encourage the practitioners to improve their mobility and focus on the present moment by guiding the body to move in a mindful and self-controlled manner. I always pay extra attention to the proper form, deep breathing, and mind-body connection. After each session, I want people to move closer to their fitness goals and feel more energized, motivated, and happy!

Body Sculpt & Tone

F. I. T.

Silver & Senior Chair Class

50/50 FUN

Betsy has always enjoyed various fitness programs and began doing Zumba in 2010 as a student.  After retiring from a nursing career, she decided to become more active in helping others stay fit.  With encouragement from several of her Zumba instructors, Betsy became a licensed Zumba & Zumba Gold instructor in 2016.  She recently took additional training to teach Zumba toning.  Zumba is such a fun and engaging program that not only challenges your body, but also your brain!   

Betsy Shortle

50/50 FUN

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Early on, I knew I wanted to be involved in health and fitness after being active with sports. In high school I pursued my Personal Training Certification, and went on to get a BS in Kinesiology. I aim to make fitness a  fun hobby and not a chore! Over the past few years I have helped individuals of all ages in becoming healthier and happier, only further growing my love for this career!



Silver & Senior

Edison Smart Fitness